Dell Computer Support Phone Number 1800-513-4593

Dell computers are used globally by home and business users and known for its performance & built quality wherein Dell Computer Support makes the brand more reliable to users. We strongly believe in technical glitches which is why we have our Dell Customer Service department available 24*7 at Dell Toll Free Number so that our customers could be at ease even though the glitch is major or minor. A timely training to our technicians makes the entire process of helping customers more easier and help us delivering quality support services to our customers. Our Dell Support Helpline is the best destination for all types of users who need technical help on Dell desktop or laptop devices. We have always noticed some users need special attention because they are not computer savvy, therefore we highly suggest those users to call us on Dell Computer Support Phone Number 1800-513-4593 and connect with our experts.

Some Common issues reported by customers and reviewed by our Dell Customer Support Team-

• Here is the list of some common issue which can be troubling for some users-
• Computer set up & configuration
• Windows does not update
• Keyboard or touchpad does not work
• Unable to open internet
• PC slow and freezing
• Unable to print from PC
• Lost windows password
• How to connect a wireless mouse or keyboard
• Set up my email on windows mail software
• How to upgrade windows operating system
Any problem that comes in your way please call us on Dell Toll Free Number 1-800-513-4593, we will give you quick & smart fix.

dell desktop helpline number

Support for Dell Computer by professionals

If you encounter with an unknown technical glitch on the computer or printer device and looking for right Dell Phone Number then call our Dell Computer Helpline Number 1-800-513-4593 and get uninterrupted unlimited software support by experts. In these days computers are always attached with pop up viruses which completely blocks screen access and leave a user helpless. A smart user can be fooled too by these phony alerts which is awful. Connect with our experts after a limited time gap, get advised & cleaned your computer which will always help you keep your computer like new. Now customer can also sign up for Dell Premium Support from our experts as a yearly program, which will get you access to the all premium services like monthly clean up & optimization, virus removal, windows & software updates and other software support for computer.


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Our Dell Support team is available 7 days between 9:00 am to 6:00 EST. Customers can contact us anytime for question or support related Dell products & services, in case of no response due to any reasons we allow customers to leave us voicemail wherein our support team will call you back within maximum 24 hours.