Unable to connect printer to wireless network? Call +1-800-513-4593 Dell Printer Helpline

Dell Printer Helpline Number 1-800-513-4593

We will try to help you fix up the wireless connection error on Dell Printers through this post. We understand how difficult could it be when your printer stops printing, therefore we are going to discuss the possibilities & cures of the trouble. Although you can still print in case of emergency while your printer is not connected to the internet. You can simply plug in the USB wire comes along in the rear of the printer and other side of it in the computer, which will establish a hard-wired connection between printer and computer and allow you to print or scan immediately without any obstacles.

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If you are a new Dell printer user-  Install hardware parts like ink cartridges/toner, paper tray, power cord & USB wire in the printer, then follow the instructions below-

  1. Press the power button to turn the printer on
  2. Install the printer drivers using disk
  3. Plug the USB wire in the computer when prompted
  4. Continue the positive responses on the computer screen
  5. Convert printer connection in wireless and finish.

Set up using wireless network

  1. Open Pinter Operator Panel
  2. Tap on Set up then select Network set up
  3. Choose Wireless set up wizard
  4. Find your wireless network
  5. Tap on your WIFI network and enter passcode to confirm the wireless settings.

You can also connect the Dell printers to wireless network using WPS. In order to connect using WPS make sure your router is WPS compatible-

  1. Press the printer configuration panel
  2. Press set up then tap on network set up and next tap on WPS Push method or Pin Method
  3. Choose WPS pin method and enter the pin from the router to configure

If you are an old customer– Then try to reconnect your printer using the same instructions mentioned above and if nothing works, then contact on the Dell Printer Technical Support Number and let us help you with it. Although it sounds like a simple technical issue, but cannot be terribly painful,especially when you need your printer most.

It is also possible to happen if you have switched your internet service provider or the router. If you have got a new router, then you need to follow the simple instructions to set up the wireless network on the old printer as mentioned above. Sometimes it is possible to happen too when your printer will reject your new router, in that case call us on the same phone number and we will connect you to the technicians who will fix your printer issues, no matter what.

You can also try some printer diagnosis tools available online or check for available updates on the computer as well as on the printer, which may be a reason too. We recommend users to set their printer and computers to automatic updates, which will always ensure of having the latest drivers installed on the computer. The firmware updates on printer machines are major, which must be installed as soon as possible to continue running the printer flawless. To ensure the latest firmware on your Dell Printers, you can call on 1-800-513-4593 phone number for Dell Printers and be confident about your printer.


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